Before considering the DIY way, remember that even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast gulps and sometimes takes a deep breath before getting down to the bathroom remodeling process. Therefore, you should consider the time you have to get the job done, the budget, and the technical expertise needed to get the job done.

Apart from the kitchen, no work is more involved than a bathroom remodel as it involves more plumbing and electrical work. The work can be intense and demanding as it involves highly skilled trades. Since a bathroom is an essential space, the need for speed and quality can put any DIYer under pressure trying to get the tiny room remodeled quickly within a short time.

Therefore, in most cases, call a professional bathroom remodeler or a general contractor to deploy subcontractors who can handle the work perfectly. With the professionals on the ground, you can get the work done faster than you could on your own.

Not Shutting Off Water to Your Bathroom

One of the worst mistakes you can make when remodeling your bathroom is not shutting off water to your bathroom before doing any demo. Whether you're removing a vanity, toilet, or any other part in your bathroom, ensure you shut off the water first because you don't know the condition of the valves that you're going to be turning off.

In most instances, old valves end up leaking just by rotating them, which can ruin adjacent rooms, drywall, or even damage the floors. This explains why it's vital to turn the water off from the main water supply rather than using shutoff valves.

But what happens if you have a leaking valve or faucet? You may wonder. The best remedy for this problem is to source replacement parts from a reliable supplier to make it easier to replace damaged valves and continue with your project.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Shut off water to your bathroom before doing anything else. Also, repair or replace old valves and faucets.